I'll Make It

Jimmy Chitwood

Join a Forest City Shuffleboard league today for a chance to have your name hanging from the Arena rafters!  No prior experience needed - we teach you everything you need to know before your first game. Court and Table Leagues run year round.

All league members get 1/2 price play on non-league nights!


  • Teams consist of 2-4 members. Subs are  totally allowed!
  • 10 weeks season with playoffs the 11th week
  • Court games start at 6pm, 7:30pm or 9pm on Monday or Wednesday ($100/team for the season)
  • Table games start at 6pm or 8pm on Monday or Wednesday ($50/team for the season)
  • Fee is added to your tab during the first week of play
  • Summer Leagues run June - August
  • Fall Leagues run September - November
  • Winter Leagues run January - March

no prior experience necessary!


Email info@forestcityshuffle.com to sign up and subscribe below for league news, events and more.